Your brand needs to be cool true
I'm a fifty years old teacher of Design and Visual Communication who wanted to merge his competences into one: Branding.
In 2015 I starterd the first Brand Design College Course in the World, which involved more than 70 international Students so far.

Design of a new brand: FABRIGA
Nowadays everyone says the bicycle is the best vehicle to go from A to B. But when Fabriga Cycles Brand was established, in 2011, they looked at me as a heretic.
To start this brand I dug every single spot of the cycling market in order to learn how to deliver uniqueness and authenticity.
Fabriga cycles is now perceived as one of the evangelists of the Italian utility bikes new deal.
The success of a brand is inversely proportional to its scope.
If you want to sell more in the long term, you need to sell less in the short term. Understand this and you'll understand me and what I can do for you.

Brand restyling: VASPEDITO

Next day delivery.
When you buy something online terms of delivery are a key factor in order to choose between different vendors, often, consumers opt for the quickest delivery rather than the cheapest price. But this option is offered just by the divinity of the e-commerce (yes the one from A to Z..), until VASPEDITO.
The assets of this brand reflect the long and deep analysis made: it had to be quick, dynamic, efficient, and affordable. You can check VASPEDITO skin here, but you'll need to get in, for a true experience.
Target analysis
Personas profiling
Brand positioning
Art Direction
Brand assets design
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